Explore the City of Nashville Sightseeing Tour by Golf Cart

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Explore the City of Nashville Sightseeing Tour by Golf Cart

Take a unique and unforgettable tour of Nashville with our sightseeing tour! Our tour guides are experts on the city and will show you its famous landmarks and hidden gems. You'll get to explore the city in the most convenient and enjoyable way while taking in the sights and sounds of the city. Our knowledgeable guides will provide interesting facts and stories about the places we pass by, and we'll show you a variety of restaurants and bars so you can sample the local cuisine. You'll have the chance to see the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Music Row, Bicentennial State Park, the State Capitol Building, Farmers Market, Flea Market, Marathon Village, the Gulch and much more! Voted as one of the top five activities to do in Nashville, our sightseeing tour shows you a side of the city that you might otherwise have never known about or seen! We recommend that you do this early in your visit so that you can go back to some of the places while you are here!


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